Saturday, February 27, 2010

Portland in Bloom: my ride to work

My Scandinavian brother.

I LOVE Bassets.

Married Kyle got off the beard train and boarded the mustache express. I am a fan.

Woah brah, heady.

I love this top tube for the obvious reasons. Not only is it sporting the 420 it also shows a little patriotism with the USA. Now, if there was a picture of an eagle taking a rip out of a 4ft. binger and a honey badger lighting it for him it would be my dream come true, but the dream continues.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Michachu Jams

I love balls!

My boss, Park, brought a ball to the shop for his dog, Kato, to play with. Well, I don't know about Kato, but I had a blast with it. Here's me retrieving it. Balls rule.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

calling all wrenches!

Do you live in Portland, OR? Yes? Good. Do you have bike mechanic experience? Sweet, we're making progress. Are you awesome? Check. Do you want to work with us? We are looking for a wrench here at 21st Ave Bicycles and that wrench could be you. We are a small shop so we are looking for someone who is super rad and will mesh well with our team. If you have experience and can make us laugh then stop by the shop and drop off a resume. Having a sweet joke ready wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look LDR Laura, LDR Butt!

L.D.R. Kyle didn't want me to post a picture of his ass on my blog so that is why I am posting a picture of his ass on my blog.

third time is a charm

You may remember me calling out Alice (Alex) for installing his cranks the wrong way. Well, today was the day thing looked up for my friend. Today, he installed them they way they are supposed to go on.....ALL BY HIMSELF! He's a big boy. (sniff) They grow up so fast.

I heart SRAM

Geoff, you are boss, applesauce. Today we were slammed with a shit ton (that's 3.5 tons) of repairs which is sweet, but there was only two of us in the shop and we were a hustlin'. Just when I thought I was going to shoot myself in the face, my sweet present (torpedo hub) from Geoff, at SRAM, showed up. So Geoff, thank you for saving my life. I am going to build up a sweet wheel this week and be sweet on it.

Hi waist is the new low rise

Do you wear your pants so tight people can tell what religion you are? Are you side piping right now? If you answered yes to either one of these questions then know that you are not alone. So what if I can make out your balls through your jeans. These guys don't care and neither should you.

Beaver suit

I found this picture of Cheever on All Hail the Black Market. Just when you thought you've seen it all

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the 1937 viking

I saw this little ditty at Urban Velo.There is a part where they say that vikings took civilization to the darkest corners of the world. Funny, I thought it was mayhem. I don't know if you knew this, but I come from a long line of vikings. Fun fact. This is totally off the subject, but I am on my lunch break and am in the back office. L.D.R. Kyle is using the bathroom behind me and holy crap is he peeing loudly. I am guessing it's all guys because of the standing scenario. Crap, that's some loud pissing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shop dog

He wants duck chunks and butt rubs....that's all.
Kato is the best! No, not Kato from the O.J. trial, Kato, the best shop dog of all time. Add him to the list of the men in my life... he's near the top, but don't tell the other guys that. They may get J. It's nice being the only girl working with a bunch of guys. It's like having a bunch of big brothers.... who play jokes on me.... and make fun of me..... and put gum in my hair. Kato doesn't, although he doesn't have thumbs and is not supposed to chew gum, but if he did and could I would like to think he wouldn't do any of those things, but you never know.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a motley crue

Today was really warm. In your face Fargo. Nice weather brings out the bikes, although I think it's safe to say this group probably rides rain or shine. Needless to say we were jealous here at the shop because we were working.

Hoetzendorff, spelled just like is sounds

Married Kyle's full name is Kyle Von Hoetzendorff and he writes for Embrocation. I am posting a part of his article on local bike shops to lure you in, but you need to go to Embrocation to read the rest. go HERE

LBS - Maybe it has something to do with pounds of flesh

By: Kyle von Hoetzendorff Feb 17, 06:25 AM

At this point I have spent the majority of my employed life working in bicycle shops. I do not regret a single minute of it. I say this honestly, and for those of you who read this dribble, those of you who are neither my wife nor my mother, I have to tell you that it’s been worth it, despite what you may have heard me say in the past. Yes each and every one of those days in the past that I happened to be working at a shop, I know I said I hate it. Bikes shops, like many other types of shops this world round are an agora, a place where people of like mind can come to exchange thoughts and ideas, and though these thoughts may lean more towards the scatological in the environs of the velocipede we none the less spend our days in the market place of knowledge, dealing in the currency of ideas… ah yes I am happy with the sentiment behind that concept, sounds good, the currency of ideas, no matter what comes next, hold on to that lofty ideal will you?

London to Paris

My friend, Geoff, at SRAM sent me this. A heads up to all in Chicago, you know who you are. Go here. Watch this. Meet sweet peeps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Faygo or Fanta?

Alice stopped by the shop today and we started talking about, I.C.P.'s drink of choice, Faygo. That led to some "next level shit" that I wasn't aware of. Alice, being the sweet friend that he is, put me in the know.

Monday, February 15, 2010

mega rad

i wonder if in the future people will look back to the 2000's and say "wow, sweet hair".

when i die.....

.....i can only hope girls do this on/around my grave.

Gremlin TT

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Atlin's new bike

Everyone around me is getting new bikes. Here's Ellen (Atlin) tearing up the box (not that one) to get to his new Tarmac. I am way J.

you wish you were this cool

Rubin, our apprentice here at 21st ave Bicycles, built up his new bike. Yes, that is a Chris King headset. Yes, he is 11. When I was 11 I had a big piece of wood that my dad let me hammer nails into. That was my toy. We was po.

I hate bikes

Jason Van Horn came out to the BLAM and took some sweet pictures. Check it out on his blog HERE.


Jeremy came out this weekend. No, not out of the closet. He came on the BLAM...I mean to... to the BLAM. Excuse me. Read his sweet blog and about how his bike tricks are few to none. I don't think you are any less of a bad ass, Jeremy. Read his cycling magazine Embrocation. You may not know this, but Married Kyle writes for Embrocation. Read some of his whimsical writting HERE He is a funny MFer.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Chester here won the bunny hop comp. Here's him blowing his leg up. Gross.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love My Bike

Clazy, groin, and co.

I was surfing the web,because that's what cool people do, surf, and I went to a site called I Love My Bike. It's a book of pictures of people with their trusty steed. While I was there I saw a few friends and I wanted you to look at them. Pay special attention to their faces. Jordan and Carey are definitely smiling. Jermey.... not so much. I am going to file that under S for smirk. Clazy is always grabbing himself so that's nothing new, but that expression is a new one. Haven't seen that one before. Patrick looks pretty serious. Mashing is serious business.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brenton Salo's Pictures

Brenton Salo, with Rose City Fix, was out at the BLAM. I snagged a few of his shots for you, the viewer.

Ben Gurnsey's Bridgetown Hustle photos

We wouldn't have had Friday's event at Nemo if it weren't for Ben. Not only did he allow us to have it at Nemo (he works there), he also made all of the BLAM's fliers to date. See his pictures HERE. He also took pictures of the art that was displayed. I was running around like a crazy setting up and working the event so I didn't take many pictures.

Tonic Fab's take on Bridetown Hustle

Tonic Fabrication is always a big supporter of the BLAM... and my new sponsor, but we'll get to that later. They came out both nights to show some love. Check out Tonic's blog and take a look at their pictures and recap of the event.

Bridgetown Hustle through the lens of Stacy Schrag

Holy shit that was a lot of fun! L.D.R. Kyle, Ben, and I finished setting up at the last minute which made me nervous.... and when I get nervous I get gassy. You can imagine all the air biscuits I was floating, but that's neither here nor there. Regardless, it all happened just as I hoped it would. We had a huge turnout the first night. So, many people were sprinting that we had to move the trick comp to the second day, but no one seemed to mind. Stacy Schrag took 550 pictures, but here are a handful. See more of his pictures HERE The 1st night we had the Bunny Hop Comp and Sprints. The second day had a small group of about 30 and we rode from spot to spot all day and then ended with a party at L.D.R. Kyle's. Lindsay and I brought our sweet professional waffle maker and Lindsay made waffles for all!

1st night

2nd day