Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

recycle. reuse.

i sold my soul to shred.
genius move on K2's part... turn roller stage into wall ride for the pump track. it's official, he just turned it up to 11.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roller date

until the next sprints, lindsay and i are putting the system to good use in our garage. tonight was a magical roller date. we laughed. we cried. we planned a trip to guam.

here is lindsay cooling down.  stone cold...

here's me cooling down. stone cold chillin.

Monday, September 21, 2009

open sprints pictures

check out the rest of the photo's at stacy's flickr
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_119.jpg。
tony vs. lando
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_122.jpg。
bless your heart, clay.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_126.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_127.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_139.jpg。
my friend from chicago, and now fellow portlander, grace....  cuttin it up. 
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_142.jpg。

Pump track P-I-G

stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_094.jpg。
here is me after redbull #7. not really quite sure if those colors i am seeing are for real.  thank you redbull for being a wonderful sponsor!
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_100.jpg。
other kyle killing it.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_111.jpg。
sweet air, lando.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_112.jpg。
kyle pretty much dominated at pump track P-I-G. here he is taking his victory lap.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_115.jpg。
familar faces. familiar places.

quickstop pictures

stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_064.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_067.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_068.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_069.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_074.jpg。

pump track TT pictures

stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_052.jpg。
kyle von shred face vol.3
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_023.jpg。
tony from tonic fab
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_027.jpg。
mitch eating it. he didn't win this event, but he took 1st in the yelling comp.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_036.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_038.jpg。
atlin..... who knew?
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_039.jpg。
the wizard falls victim to the pump track
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_018.jpg。
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_045.jpg。
other kyle, nice young man one moment....
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_047.jpg。
....shredder the next.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_049.jpg。
j to the b to his enemies.
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_054.jpg。
jared taking the handicap
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_060.jpg。
pump track time trials: 1st- patrick 2nd- landon 3rd-jason
stacy schrag 拍攝的 blam_sprints_061.jpg。
patrick funk likes it. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

London's Blam Pictures

we had the pleasure of having landon (lando calrissian) and tony, from tonic fab, join us for sunday's festivities. visit tonic's blog to check out the night from his perspective.
Lando Calrissian

pump track TT

benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7695。
benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7709。
this is patrick funk better know to his friends as P Funk. you can find him turning wrenches at the fat tire farm. here he is going so fast the camera can barely capture his image. needless to say, he placed 1st in pump track TT. 

da blam

benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7702。
1st place prize for the men's sprints was an omnium crank. Thank you SRAM. 
benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7703。
benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7729。

benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7738_bw。
Intrepidation 拍攝的 Pumping my crazy legs.。

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

if i drove.... would be this truck. well, the wolf part. 
atlin isn't quite sure what to think.

skid stop comp

Intrepidation 拍攝的 Skiddy。
my brother does that thing with his tongue when he is playing video games. this is a picture of the skid stop portion of september's backyard blam. more pictures to come!
benguernsey 拍攝的 IMG_7716。
here is clay pulling out the stops... literally. 

the 1st bakyard blam

Intrepidation 拍攝的 Go!。
kyle working the mic and the other guy is just working.

our bikes

Intrepidation 拍攝的 Madison。
this picture was taken during the first BLAM

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this dude k.p.w.'s all day long

no, this is not a funny joke. this bike really does exist.