Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tony Toni Tone

Tony Pereira stopped by the shop to do an interpretive dance for us...... and he brought a frame that he made too. Didn't get any pictures of the dance, but plenty of the frame.

Want these shoes?

Patrick at Pedal Consumption is holding a photo contest and the winner will win a pair of these kickeroos. For more details go HERE.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Great Axle Swap of 2010

I built up a wheel with SRAM's Torpedo hub thinking the spacing was 120 and I was wrong. It was 130 so I got my hands on a 120 hub and swapped axles and cones. Looks neat on the inside. It's a sweet after work sesh. Sean is playing with my Game Boy color that I got at Sharky's garage sale this last weekend. $2. Best $2 I have ever spent. I went and bought Street Fighter 2, Mario Deluxe, and Tetris. Oh yeah, when I bought it, it came with Pokemon Blue version. Again, best $2. I spent my whole morning building up my Pokemon.

Sean Light: design geek.

Tonic Fab's Cross Frame is Mine! All Mine!

Tony B came into the shop today with mine and Atlin's Tonic cross frames!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's mine. Murder black, baby!

Here's what I will look like when riding. I will probably have my shred face on, but you get the point.

21st Avenue Bicycles Logo Design Challenge

Old Logo: not so fresh.

21st Avenue Bicycles wants a new logo; it is time for something fresh. We are calling on designers and artists in our community to help us come up with something that will be featured in our advertisements, on our website, and will be used as a sticker on every bicycle sold through the shop. Needless to say we hope the winning design will have a ton of exposure. We would not expect you to do this for free; we are going to give the winning designer $100.00, a chrome laptop sleeve, and 10% off everything in the store for the life of the logo. In addition we are interested developing relationships with artists and designers for future collaborative projects.
We want something that looks both retro and modern, with a focus on clean lines and color selection. Icons we have thought about include Mt Hood, Roses, the Columbia Gorge, one of Portland’s Bridges, Fausto Coppi, Vintage Car Racing, Jean Vuarnet to name a few. The logo needs to be visible as a small graphic, something like the size of a 50 cent piece as this will be the size of our bicycle frame stickers. The shape of the graphic is not limited to a circle but all elements need to be visible with inside a 2” by 2” square.
Required Elements; this information needs to be on the logo.
- 21st Avenue Bicycles
- 916 NW 21st. Avenue
- Portland, OR 97209
- (503) 222-2851
- Make it Awesome
Make it Awesome is our shop slogan
The Contest will end on the June 1st
All submissions need to be in by May 22nd and the top 10 logos will be chosen by 21st Avenue Staff, we will then throw an evening event to present these logos to the general public who will in turn vote to help us decide on the final logo. The final winner will be unveiled June 1st to much fan fare.
For additional information or contact us at if you have any questions
Thank you and good luck
21st Avenue Bicycles

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Nina Simone Jam

Chrome Non BBQ

Chrome checked the weather and it said it would rain so they didn't grill. That's ok. I ate most of the bagels they brought and a fair amount of chips. Sean, Cody the dog, and Blake came and we went to the park.

Pine cone basket ball
Scary house.
Sean Light's hardcore dance.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chrome wants to feed you today!

Strike that pose, bro. The Chrome van will be out in front of the shop today drinking and eating food. Come and do the same.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Team Building

Redbull stopped by to talk about some events we are going to blow Portlander's minds with and they left us with a tasty treat. It was the first day with our entire crew for the season and we were FLYING!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bridgetown Hustle VIDEO!!!!!!!!

a big thanks to Jake Tong! you da man, Papa Tong.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

easy breezy

saw this on macaframa. i heart you keo.

Clazy Hell Yeah

Word on the street is Charge's very own Juliet is going to coming back to Portland in July. Last year when she came none of the boys brought her by the shop and I was bummed. Anyway, Clay has a mad crush on her and was stoked out of his mind to see himself on her blog Hell Yeah.

.... and then there's this picture. Sweet.

SRAM for life

SRAM Apex road gruppo is launched - Wherever the Road Takes You

SRAM Apex is the newest road componentry groupset from SRAM that borrows many technologies from SRAM’s Tour de France conquering RED gruppo, including DoubleTap (one lever two shifts), brake and shift lever reach adjustment (for custom lever fit), Exact Actuation (for consistent and precise shifts), and Zero-Loss shifting (for immediate shift engagement).

SRAM Apex has double chainrings that deliver a gear range that’s wider than the most popular triple, making climbing easier and descending faster, in a simpler, lighter, and faster package.

The double compact chainrings (50/34) are only the beginning, the innovation that went into making Apex the perfect gruppo for every challenge includes the new long cage rear derailleur (RD) matched perfectly to SRAM’s new PG 1050 11-32 tooth cassette, we cal it WiFLi technology.

Here is what SRAM has to say about their new road gruppo, Apex:
WiFLi is all you need to know:

Wider – a wider range of gears for every climb and any descent

Faster - two chainrings shift much faster and easier than three

Lighter – as much as 284 gms (11%) less than the most popular road triple

The sleek jet black gloss finish of Apex gives it a professional look and feel. The ergonomic shape of the custom right and left shift levers improves comfort and control. The front derailleur can be set up for both standard and compact chainrings. Apex’s forged alloy brakeset is a skeletonized dual pivot design that delivers consistent power.

SRAM Apex - wherever the road takes you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Atlin does Yelle

I am sure you have all seen this video:

Here's Atlin's version:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pedal Nation

After a sweet road ride with fellow teammate, Sean, we decided to go check out Pedal Nation and watch Landon get sweet air.

Sean and a hot model.
We couldn't figure this out.

360 skid end result

I want to know you guys.

Dan from Portland Design Works and Preston from Chirs King.