Friday, March 30, 2012

All Hail the BLAM Market

So.... visit All Hail the Black Market to hear Stevil's take on our insane evening.

....AND this is about where we got cut off. Oh, what a party!

Cute overload

I have two Basset Hounds, but you already knew that. Nylund here, was the biggest bed hog this morning and I wanted to use this form of social media to call her out. Listen dog, you are so goddamn cute it makes me want to scream, but I bought the bed and I pay the bills so back it up.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Calling all shoe fillers

I've got some good and bad news.... Bad news: I am moving on from my beloved 21st Ave Bicycles. Good news: I will be working for Chrome. It's official, I put my 2 weeks in. That being said, 21st is going to need someone to fill my shoes. Sure, they probably won't be as funny, or good looking, or as strong as I am, but really... not many people are. 21st Ave, thank you for the best 3 years of my life. I love you...

I am so happy...

....I'll tell you later.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear sir, find a real mechanic

I wanted to capture this from every angle so you can really get a feel for what's wrong here because the guy said to me "I have a guy who works on my bike." Well, if he does he doesn't do it well... or competently.

Cutest Ever

Palmer.... those eyes melt my heart.

I named her after him...

Friends helping friends Jam

My friend, Jaime, texted me this weekend asking me to recommend some funk/soul jams because she just needed to get down. Of course, I threw a list of tracks her way and this Bill Withers jam was one of them. Good morning, y'all. Let start off this day on the good foot.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Attack of Stevil

Holy crap. Last time Stevil was in town was for Portland Design Works Circulus party. I was DJing the event and Stevil showed up 3 sheets into the wind. We didn't get to party together that night, so when I found out he was in town again, I insisted we party. He and Cheever showed up at the shop and we started pre gaming before we headed over to Joe's Cellar where they had Karaoke and were showing bike racing. Cheever put AC/DC in the juke box and so it began. Soon, James and Souphorse met up with us and the party was really on. The boys sang some songs. Souphorse sang The Neverending Story and Stevil did the running man through the entire song "500 miles". Win. Soon, every hug led to us on the floor, we spilled beer everywhere, and we danced to other peoples songs. We cheered and hi5ed everyone who left the stage. We were really friendly. Needless to say the bartender cut us off. I don't know if you are familiar with Joe's, but to get cut off there is quite the accomplishment. Thank you boys for showing this classy lady a wicked good time.

We partied

We are not sorry

Welcome to town

Velo Cult had their grand opening on Saturday and man did we party. I got there late so I missed the band and the beer. Their space is amazing. I had shop envy.

Velo Cult Grand Opening in Portland, Oregon. from Velo Cult on Vimeo.

Notice at the 1:40 mark I destroy Erin Scuglia in a shotgun race. I then say "Boom, Suck it"

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to the Funk Jam

With Rebel Freedom 3 in the bag, I want to get back to the jammy jams. Jam on this.

Rebel Wrap Up

The continental breakfast was amazing. At first I thought "it tastes better when it's free", but then I had to remind myself not to be so naive because nothing is free... they work that into the cost of what I paid. We woke up pretty close to check out because we were up late pillow fighting and talking about life, so we didn't get an early jump on the day like we planned. It was snowing and was about to turn into rain so we opted to take a bus home, but when we asked the person at the desk they said bikes weren't allowed. Sean wasn't taking no for an answer. He called up the shuttle service and told them we were special-needs because I had hurt my knee. Which was kind of true. I didn't hurt it, it just hurt. We waited in the casino for a few hours until the bus came. When it showed up and we boarded, I felt like we got on a bus with the cast of Cocoon. Everyone there was at least 40 years our senior. Bless their geriatric hearts. We slept the whole way because we were wiped out from rebeling so much. It happens. When we arrived in Portland, Sean and I rode most of the way home together (we live close to each other). My dogs were anxiously waiting my arrival. We jumped in bed together for some furry cuddle puddle action and rest because Papa Tong was coming to get me for our radio show later that night on called The Chinese Viking Show. Our guest was Jason Miranda of the Trusty Switchblade and Overhaul fame. I had a nice mellow set list put together, but it turned out to be punk all night long. No rest for the weary. James Wilson popped into the studio and when the show was done we had a snowball fight. I then went home and slept. Today, I went to work like any other Joe. Don't get me wrong... I fucking love what I do, but man.... I LOVE being a rebel.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pillow Fight

I won.

High Rollers

After a shower and a minute of rest we headed down from the lodge to the casino to try our luck at some gambling. I took a couple of pictures of a table and a slot machine (I had a dream that a horse saved me the night before, hence the mustang slot) which I guess I wasn't supposed to do. Fuck it. Rebel stuff. Sean hit 21 his first hand of Black Jack and then saw his money leave him one hand at a time. I pulled out $20, only spent $16, and came away with $36. We went to the bar to celebrate and a party animal by the name of Heidi liked the cut of our jib and paid for our food. I harassed our bartender and tried to get him to card old ladies. Jason was his name. He liked hockey, smiling, and us. After a bit we decided to head up to our room. Sean loved his body pillow SO MUCH. Soon a body pillow fight ensued. Not sexy sorority girl stuff, but still entertaining none the less. That was actually something they told us not to do when we checked in. No jumping. No pillow fights. No way. In the morning we collected our cash and had a carbo loaded breakfast. I am full and warm. It's a good feeling.