Monday, March 19, 2012

The first leg.

We got a late start, you know how rebels do. "I ain't never seen a rebel in daylight" - Sean
We took the MAX out to Hillsboro and started our run. It was wet, foggy, and Sean's light died right away (We forgot to check the batteries) so I brought up the back because mine worked. We soon found ourselves on winding roads in the pitch black and stopped in at a local saloon after a bit on the road to wet our whistle. We decided early on that this run was going to be about gambling, seeing as how it neither one of us has really gambled before. Wouldn't you know it the saloon had Keno and we won our first 2 games. Against Sean's will we only played three games and we came out ahead. We are still here drinking beer and soon we will head back out into the darkness to find shelter. It's super wet. We might camp in a puddle.

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