Monday, March 26, 2012

Attack of Stevil

Holy crap. Last time Stevil was in town was for Portland Design Works Circulus party. I was DJing the event and Stevil showed up 3 sheets into the wind. We didn't get to party together that night, so when I found out he was in town again, I insisted we party. He and Cheever showed up at the shop and we started pre gaming before we headed over to Joe's Cellar where they had Karaoke and were showing bike racing. Cheever put AC/DC in the juke box and so it began. Soon, James and Souphorse met up with us and the party was really on. The boys sang some songs. Souphorse sang The Neverending Story and Stevil did the running man through the entire song "500 miles". Win. Soon, every hug led to us on the floor, we spilled beer everywhere, and we danced to other peoples songs. We cheered and hi5ed everyone who left the stage. We were really friendly. Needless to say the bartender cut us off. I don't know if you are familiar with Joe's, but to get cut off there is quite the accomplishment. Thank you boys for showing this classy lady a wicked good time.

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