Wednesday, March 21, 2012

High Rollers

After a shower and a minute of rest we headed down from the lodge to the casino to try our luck at some gambling. I took a couple of pictures of a table and a slot machine (I had a dream that a horse saved me the night before, hence the mustang slot) which I guess I wasn't supposed to do. Fuck it. Rebel stuff. Sean hit 21 his first hand of Black Jack and then saw his money leave him one hand at a time. I pulled out $20, only spent $16, and came away with $36. We went to the bar to celebrate and a party animal by the name of Heidi liked the cut of our jib and paid for our food. I harassed our bartender and tried to get him to card old ladies. Jason was his name. He liked hockey, smiling, and us. After a bit we decided to head up to our room. Sean loved his body pillow SO MUCH. Soon a body pillow fight ensued. Not sexy sorority girl stuff, but still entertaining none the less. That was actually something they told us not to do when we checked in. No jumping. No pillow fights. No way. In the morning we collected our cash and had a carbo loaded breakfast. I am full and warm. It's a good feeling.

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