Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enter the pain cave

After coffee we set out on what started to be a beautiful ride. It wasn't raining, my legs felt good, horses chased after us as we rode, Sean saw his power animal.... yup it was great. After awhile we turned onto a gravel road and started to go up...and up and up. Then the rain started. I was no longer in rain pants because the seam was hurting my lady bits badly (work on that, Showers Pass) so putting them on was not an option. After what seemed forever my leg started cramping. Sean stopped to look at the map and we went MILES out of the way. So we decided to pop off a few rounds from my Ruger because there wasn't a soul in sight. Blam Blam. Once that was done we decided to split. The gravel decent was cold and sketchy. Once we got to the highway we stopped for some much needed food and drinks. Sean insisted we continue on. It was raining hard by then and it was dark. The traffic on the highway was a little freaky, but we made it. We fucking made it. I am going to take a much needed shower.

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