Sunday, June 28, 2009


left to right: loser,winner.
right off the bat one of the bikes fork was ripped out of the mount by a large drunk man ( you know who you are...doug). we were able to get a few sprints out of it until total failure. it was still fucking fun. thanks to bike jerks, urban velo, rapha, sram, 21st ave bikes, and fat tire farm for the goods. people were stoked to get 'em. thanks ben, michael, al, josh, atlin, kyle and other kyle. you are boss. next month we are going to test out a projectorless system. there will be no entry fee to make up for those who didn't get to race. 


  1. oh no! well, if it's not one thing it's the other. Sounds like the party was still a success.

    Good luck next month!

  2. iw was super bull, music and a pump track! yeah..realy fun watching everyone ride.
    LAndon was amazing, and his bike is really fun too!
    thanks to everyone involved!!
    and a bike with no chain or brakes..WOW