Monday, October 5, 2009


this was a nice little trip. we had a vegan waffle breakfast, puffed some herbal wisdom, i learned how to better utilize my grinder, and then we were away to carver. i found the act of walking on the rocks challenging enough, let alone climb on them. i don't think i can even fit my foot in my climbing shoe yet. curses. thus, i am left to take shitty pictures with my crap ass camera. 

lindo's new optimus primes hard at work.
grannville. known to many as granny. known to no one as frank.

god..... i fucking hate this piece of shit camera. hate it.

green flag touch.
lindsay LOVES to chill. maybe not as much as tara, but she fuckin chills out. hard.
...and then sometimes she doesn't.

i bet he's the size of yao ming in the slug world.

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  1. Love that place! Ryan (he's on pdxfixed too) and I have gone out once, but I'd love to find more climbing buddies. Shoot me an email if you go again. Also the new Green line goes pretty close - we could incorporate riding teh bikes!