Monday, March 29, 2010

Embrocation for president

Jeremy, from Embrocation, came into the shop last week with this sweet treat! I don't know if you know this about me, but I love hats.... and I am very easy to please (my girlfriend may say otherwise, but don't listen to her. She lies.) so I was super stoked. Still am, actually. If you would like to get stoked too, you can buy one HERE.
While you are there make sure to read Married Kyle's newest article. I guess now that LDR Kyle moved away I can just start calling him Kyle and you all will know who I am referring to.

Waylaid by Dreams

By: Kyle von Hoetzendorff Wednesday March 24, 2010

Today I was moping around the shop, wondering if my life had reached its apogee somewhere in the past, that this high point, being not of note and hidden within the mausoleum of my poor memory would, at some point, present itself. I could be riding along in a taxi, listening to Slanted and Enchanted, or just simply sitting alone in a room quietly watching paint dry and bam, there it is. The fear being that this memory would be less than superlative, that this being the highpoint, this being the moment that if pressed, God would use to define the essence of what I am to him and to all of you would not, could not be considered a highpoint at all, at most God would describe the arc of my life as being like a ground swell on the prairie.

I am not one to be a bummer, we all have these days don’t we, when self-doubt creeps in like a greasy haired man in stained sweat pants and just bums out your whole day? Of course it happened to be Monday and that white castle on the hill, the lovely weekend was yet again perversely far off, this could have accounted for part of the loathing but I can’t imagine it was just the day of the week. I missed the whole rave scene so I am not able to point the finger at a mind rendered diaphanous by obscene amounts of MDMA. Rather, I lay today’s case of the Lows on a missed morning ride.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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