Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sugar Wheel Works

I have heard a lot about Sugar Wheel Works, but had never been in there nor had I met Jude Kirstein, so this weekend I decided to change that. She shares her space with Sweetpea Bicycles and I've got to say, it looks like women own it. I say that because it looks great and has a warm , inviting feel to it. Sorry dudes, it's a well known face that women have greater attention to details.

This is the Brian Palmer Tasting Room where you can try out different wheel so you can decide what wheel would suit you and your bike the best.

It's always nice to meet other women in the bicycle industry because there is not too many of us. When I lived in Chicago a woman in a bike shop was few and far between. Out here in Portland there is a lot more woman, but it's still a pretty male dominated field, which I don't mind. It is nice to talk shop with a fellow lady though. It doesn't happen too often.

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