Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Chinese Viking Show

Oh hey, I almost forgot.... well, actually I totally forgot. Jake Tong and I have a radio show on Portland Radio Authority every Wednesday night from 10p-12a called The Chinese Viking. Last night was our first show. There is talking, laughs and DJs. Last night we both played a 45 minute set just to give listeners a taste of what we are about. I kind of feel like I might have missed my calling because I was AMAZING... tons of jokes and my voice is amazing. We are going to record podcasts so you readers in other time zones will be able to enjoy our show. Finally, you'll be able to hear me thus bringing us that much closer together. We will have guest MCs and DJs. Stay tuned...

Jake bringing the hard house.

Me.... sounding good and looking great.

Mitch the Bear is back home visiting from school in Flagstaff, AZ.