Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chrome PDX Grand Opening Party

Oh man!!! Our grand openeing party for our Chrome PDX HUB was a humdinger. We had Baseball Dad and Guatanamo Baywatch blow the roof off this joint with some sweet Rock n Roll jams, tons of free food from Koi Fusion, beers galore from HUB, and last but not least.... an arm wrestling tourney. Personally, I didn't enter because I didn't want to beat everyone, but some people saw my big muscles and challanged me to grudge matches. I beat them all...... Sean, bouncer, top lady, oh... and Slate, all fell to my sheer power. Boom. Check out more pictures HERE Me doing what I do best... having a blast. Baseball Dad!!!! Yes, that's KV Guatanamo Baywatch killed it!!

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