Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...aaaaand I got another one

I got another motorcycle. This one was a gift from Patrick Funk via Kyle Von. Thanks guys. It's a 1976 KZ 650B. I am beyond stoked. Patrick was telling me it needed a name. I told him since the people who had the XS before me painted it gold and the dude kept calling it Goldie, I called it Goldie Hawn. P Funk said "well, if your other bike is Goldie Hawn, this one is Kurt Russell..... AND SO IT WAS NAMED.

Look at Kurt, hanging out all by himself... lonely. Come with me sir, you can stay in my driveway.

Here is my pal, Jacob Winfield, one of the founding members of Good Fortune Lucky Toolbox. Oh, what's that? It's our Tuesday night motorcycle club. No BD.

Wow, I look good, huh? That's the "I'm ready to shred" face.

The boys and I got a big kick out of loading a motorcycle in a minivan. Why? Hey, what's with the questions all of a sudden? I thought this was pretty straight forward. Well, minivans usually have soccer moms and families in them, not motorcycles.
Be prepared to see a lot more coming out of Good Fortune Lucky Toolbox and then before you know it we'll be partying with these guys.

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