Thursday, August 6, 2009

my bike has become an incense holder

feck. i have burned through seasons 1-7 of the golden girls. i have also burned through several bags of weed. strictly medicinal, of course. i have picked up another christopher moore book. i think it is safe to say he is my favorite author. i stumbled on 'island of the sequined love nun' when i lived in san diego. i then waited a good 5 years before i read anything else of his. what the feck was i doing? when i did decide to revisit my friend, mr. moore, it was with 'a dirty job'. it was my day off, i started reading it during breakfast, and i finished the book by dinner. he had me at hello. that opened the flood gate of christopher mooreness. 'blood sucking fiends', 'you suck: a love story', and 'coyote blue' followed. the one i am reading now is 'lamb: the gospel according to biff, christ's childhood pal'. that's just a little play-by-play action for you.
having a broken ankle/leg really gives you the kind of time to yourself that you normally don't allow yourself to have. like,' i am going to color this spider-man picture' kind of time. i try to be as productive as possible. some days are better than others. for example, yesterday i cleaned the garage, took out garbage, and vacuumed. i did it all on crutches so none of it happened very quickly. now, today i can't get enough motivation to get out of bed. what is keeping me here, you ask? WKRP in Cincinnati. i can't seem to drag myself away and out of morbid curiosity i found myself googleing loni anderson just to see what she looks like today. what is wrong with me? the sole reason i got dressed is because my friend, other kyle, is coming to puff the herbal wisdom. in fact, he is here right now. excuse me.

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