Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dear world, stop hurting me. love, amanda

i rode my bike to work today (not the one that was totaled) because i don't drive and let me just tell you it was not a pleasant ride like it usually is. being hit by a car on your bike and then having to ride your bike a few days after SUCKS TURDS. every pedal stroke hurt and made me pissed off.... and then it started to rain. story of my life. since i can't do anything sweet on my bike for awhile i found some pictures of when we went to our friend tim's house to ride his pump track. i was still healing from surgery so i didn't get to ride it, so when i say we i really mean them.
he's a man, man, man. M-A-N man.
lindsay, totally impressed with either the pump track action and/or the vegan cupcakes.
rich's rear
me. sitting it out with a bum ankle. as you can tell i am super thrilled*     *=please note sarcasm
tree-1 nick-0
preston was going so fast that this is the best picture i could get of him.
rich....doing it for america!
K2's sweet ass....oh and the wheelie is pretty cool too

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