Friday, November 6, 2009

i was hit by a car on my bike tonight.

it was my day off today. i wanted to stay at home and hang out with the dogs today because palmer had a huge cyst on her leg rupture and i wanted to keep an eye on it. i spent most of the day in my pjs. i noticed all of my sox were dirty so i ran a load to the laundry mat a couple blocks up the road. i didn't wear my helmet because i was like 'i'm only riding 3 blocks'. idiot. i will never make that mistake again. i had on my huge, orange, reflective kozmo back and had blinky lights with freshly charged batteries. i was stopped and signaling to turn left. dude said he didn't even see me. i broke his bumper, bashed in his hood, and shattered his windshield with my head. then when he slammed on his brakes i went flying forward. the picture above is me waiting to get a CAT scan. i am giving the sign of the dark lord, us scandinavians know all about that shit. my bad ankle was injured again and my entire body feels like it got rocked, but i can still walk. the emt said usually when there is that much damage on the car she is scraping someone up off the road. lucky me. anyway , i am high as shit right now on morphine.

my very orange and reflective bag i was wearing. i also had a blinky light.

palmer's bursting cyst was like the biggest zit on the planet and when you
squeezed it, it looked like tiny orange fish eggs were coming out.
so gross.

best day ever.....

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  1. Kablamda! glad to hear that you smashed the car and not the other way around. Stay awesome!