Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hoetzendorff, spelled just like is sounds

Married Kyle's full name is Kyle Von Hoetzendorff and he writes for Embrocation. I am posting a part of his article on local bike shops to lure you in, but you need to go to Embrocation to read the rest. go HERE

LBS - Maybe it has something to do with pounds of flesh

By: Kyle von Hoetzendorff Feb 17, 06:25 AM

At this point I have spent the majority of my employed life working in bicycle shops. I do not regret a single minute of it. I say this honestly, and for those of you who read this dribble, those of you who are neither my wife nor my mother, I have to tell you that it’s been worth it, despite what you may have heard me say in the past. Yes each and every one of those days in the past that I happened to be working at a shop, I know I said I hate it. Bikes shops, like many other types of shops this world round are an agora, a place where people of like mind can come to exchange thoughts and ideas, and though these thoughts may lean more towards the scatological in the environs of the velocipede we none the less spend our days in the market place of knowledge, dealing in the currency of ideas… ah yes I am happy with the sentiment behind that concept, sounds good, the currency of ideas, no matter what comes next, hold on to that lofty ideal will you?

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