Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hanbuilt took the boozey roller challange

Team Hankbuilt love wacky shinanigans:
Being one who is not usually inclined to take part in interweb tomfoolery, is difficult to motivate, and has about equal levels of training in both the beer and bikes department(meaning I like to think of myself of someone who can drink until I drink with someone who can drink, and think I can ride until I ride with someone who can ride), the idea from Allhailtheblackmarket just seemed too good to pass up. After contacting Sean and Jason who are usually up for any sort of shenanigans that involve bikes, beer, and especially the two together, it was decided that this event would take place on Monday night. Keeping in mind that Sean had never been on rollers before that day, it was going to be an entertaining event.
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