Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Win a signed copy of Bike Snob NYC's book!

I read Bike Snob's book in one day. A very quick read AND it comes with pictures. It's like a sweet two in one. A little bit of reading and then I can rest my brain while I stare mindlessly at the illistration for a few minutes until I realize I haven't turned the page in awhile. In the beginning of the book he follows 100 year old directions for a ride, but is in modern day NYC and is challenging. He overcomes adversity and I think that is something we can all enjoy. Right? I know I'm right. If you can't enjoy that then good day to you. There's a section where he brakes down different types of cyclists and since I love to laugh at other people this section, too, was very pleasing. The part that lost me was where he wrote to non cyclists. How many non cyclists read his blog? and how many non cyclists are going to pick up a book called BIKE SNOB? I don't know, I am not a doctor. All in all it was a fun read.
Now, for the contest. The first person to email me a picture of them when they were a kid with their bike wins a signed copy of this book. email pictures to backyardblam@gmail.com I will post the winning photo.

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