Wednesday, June 9, 2010

....and speaking of my Tonic

Here's my murder machine. I mostly built it up with things that I already had hence the road pedals. On thing at a time. The first to change was a bright red Specialized fork I was borrowing from my friend Jake. The very kind Jeremy Dunn sold me the Edge fork and he gets hi fives for life. The second change I made was to the brakes. I had some that I got for free and when I used them I saw why. They sucked sweaty ass. We got a set of Shorty Ultimates in the shop that have been staring at me through the glass case. I ponied up and bought them. Good thing I did because they are as rad as they look. I can now go faster because I know I can stop and well, that just makes me happy.I will be swapping components to SRAM in the future. Next up is pedals and handlebars. Never ending upgrade.

Is it bad form to take a picture of your bike with the cranks in this position? Well, screw you I do what I want.
Custom barrel adjusters via Cherney
I think it is very fitting that the decals only really stand out when the bike is dirty.
Thank you, Jeremy.
Shorty Ultimates are ultimate.

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  1. Jealous. Very jealous.
    Its great to see someone who works their ass of at something start to pay off. Nice goin Amanda!