Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reading at Ampersand

Jacob Paul Reads at Ampersand
Sunday, June 6 at 7PM

Free beer from Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Novelist Jacob Paul will be stopping at Ampersand during
his West Coast Bicycle & Book Tour to read from his new novel,
Sarah/Sara. Starting in Seattle, Jacob is riding to San Francisco
& stopping for readings along the way. You can follow a record
of his journey here.

An engrossing meditation on the meaning of faith, Sarah/Sara
is the story of a young Orthodox Jewish woman who undertakes
a solo kayaking journey across the Arctic Ocean after her parents
are killed and she is disfigured by a terrorist bomb in a Jerusalem
café. Haunted by her parents' death, and in particular by memories
of her father, a 9/11 survivor whose dream was to kayak through
the Arctic, Sarah embarks on her expedition unprepared for the
strenuous physical and emotional trial that lies ahead. What begins
as a series of diary entries on her struggle with faith ends in a fight
for survival, as Sarah slowly comes to realize that she is lost in the
Arctic wilderness with the ice closing in around her.

Ampersand - Gallery & Bookshop
2916 NE Alberta Street - Portland, OR

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