Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kind of a bummer

Today, I was trying to get a seat post out of a customer's bike and it was really tight so I asked him to hold the handlebars. As I was working on getting it out he flailed his arm wildly for some unknown reason, elbowed me in the face really hard, and broke my glasses. I spent a year hunting for those vintage frames. So bummed. I was as nice as I could muster, I asked one of the guys to take over, and quietly cursed the spaz under my breath in the back. He asked if he could fix them and I said "no, accidents happen." which they do. I am very familiar with that fact. He then said "well, you look really bummed out." and I thought to myself, no shit, but I opted to say "I am, but I will get over it." Anyway, here is a video to cheer me up. If you are bummed out and/or like to laugh, give a watch.

Happier times

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  1. There is a sign in my Dad's garage that says "better to wear out than rust out." From this I say at least you got love and use out of your frames.