Tuesday, July 26, 2011

KV's Embro Article

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By: Kyle Von Hoetzendorff

Why do I take so much joy from mountain biking? I spend days looking forward to short hours on my bike, and huge blocks of time watching other people ride their bikes on video. Whole paychecks have gone towards bike parts and whole weekends have disappeared to seemingly fruitless adventures. I have to start plotting the different options of recompense I will present to my lovely and tireless wife to make up for my frequent Sunday absences. Despite all the trouble and money—not to mention the constant and nagging injuries—when it comes to free time, mountain biking is in rare company in terms of quality, and if the Oregon weather is sunny and bright then there is nothing I would rather be doing. True, many people have obsessions like mine, industries have been built on these leisure activities, industries for the industries, and it is for this reason—the existence of an endless amount of options—that I am interested in exactly why I am so fascinated with mountain biking.

There are certainly things that I don’t care for in mountain biking. Among the distasteful aspects of the game, climbing ranks high. I am not a huge fan of pedaling up hills on my bike. Doubtless this sentiment is sacrilege to the majority of Embrocation’s readership, yet an inner guiding light that cannot be extinguished compels me to be honest in my admissions. Yes, there is a certain satisfaction that is derived from being able to pedal up hills quickly on a well-equipped road bike; and I grant that a good hard climb can turn into a euphoric high, but on a big tire mountain bike, plodding along at a snail’s pace, no thanks.

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