Saturday, July 9, 2011

Race Mechanicin'

This weekend I will be at Blue Lake doing race support for the Rev3 Triathlon. Today we spent the day doing race tunes/check overs. Tomorrow we will be neutral support. It will be interesting to ride in a car while the race is right beside me. Then I get to jump out anytime there is a problem and do some quick fixin'. Uhhhh, yes.... It's pretty bad ass. I was surprised to see how many people traveled far for this race. I am not familiar with Tri races so I didn't really know this was a big deal. Who knew? I wasn't the only one from our shops who went to represent. I brought the newest member to our family, Muck. He is wrenching over at our sister shop, Fat Tire Farm.Muck has had a lot of experience as a race mechanic and does the Hawaii Ironman every year, so it was great to have him to work with. My friend, Jason, also joined us and checked in bikes as they came and handled the general order of the repairs Muck and I had.

The year I was born.... I raced out of my mother's birth canal and into the world. What? Ok, I will be the first to admit, that made me sound like a weirdo.

Muck, fixin' shit.

Jason, being awesome.

These wheels were the Embrocation colors. I love them.

One minute I am fixing bikes and the next...
....I am stand mashing. What's that? Oh, just this thing you do to where you mash your face off while the bike is still in the stand. Hence the name "stand mashing". Geez.... it's like I have to spell everything out for you.

Muck and the timid valve extender. Come out extender.... we won't hurt you.

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