Monday, July 2, 2012


I started the day off late again. It's nice being able to sleep in. Usually my hound dogs wake me up. I met Sean, Kyle, and this kid Chris at a BBQ in Dolores Park. It was a rad day for it. I got Stoney Bologna and then we all went for a walk about on Saturday Streets where I happened into Mission Bicycles. It's a cute place that looks like their focus in on single speeds. I am really stoked on this trip because last time I was here I worked a bunch and didn't get to go out and explore, but this time I have been all over. So great. After walking we all piled into Chris' car and went to yet another BBQ. We ended the night off with the movie Ted. It was funny enough to make it a good closing to a full and wonderful day.

edit: the sweet motorcycle wasn't in the bike shop.

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