Tuesday, November 24, 2009

biff's picks

my brother feels this video needs to be shared. i agree.

go vikings!

Monday, November 23, 2009

why am i still awake?

i am flying to colorado @ 6am to meet up with my mom and bro where we will then drive 15 hours to fargo, nd. why, you ask? it is my 30th birthday on wednesday and my family bought me a ticket to the rado. it would've cost them $250 more for me to fly into fargo and they were already driving there, so bada boom, problem solved. i will try to post stuff (like pictures of the minnesota vikings game i am going to!!!!!!!!!!!!!). i'll miss you. kisses.

pink beavers, not just for the ladies

harlot clothing was kind enough to send some shirts for january's blam. no, that doesn't say 'balls to the brick' like i thought. i was told it is 'balls to the wall'.

sweet jumps means sweet prizes

yes, married kyle has been working out.
holy shit, look at all those spokes and yet it is still lighter than a b43. this is one of the prizes for the fixed gear trick comp. GOrilla/miche. i am not going to lie to you, i am pretty stoked to give these away. thank you GOrilla

what if there is no phone booth?

here is a mild mannered clarck kent bike

take note


hats, not just for covering up bald spots!

if you are like me and wear a hat almost every day of your life then come on down to the blam and win this hat from headset clothing. why don't ya?

yes, i will get up early

a good day for it.
single kyle rocking lindsay's sunglasses for the race.
brandon from the fat tire farm looking pretty sweet.

5th and 4th
i was told this was the 5th race where jake puked. here he is seconds before spewing.
sean came in 11th. he is using his fingers to tell you that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

rainy days

single kyle came over and rode the shit out of my rollers the other night. that's the good thing about this set up. it doesn't matter if it is raining and dark out, you can still go for a ride and jam some GnR. it's just my humble opinoin, but appetite for destruction is one of the best albums ever. right up there with diana krall's live in paris.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nate Newton is the fucking man!

the sid team fork.
i have the pedals to match! you know how important that is to us gals.

i sent pictures of a new frame i got to my friend nate at SRAM. when i called him he said "you aren't going to put any shimano shit on there, are you?" i wouldn't dream of it. a few days later my awesome gifts came in the mail. i was so excited! it was my day off, but i made the trip to the shop to get some pictures. thanks nate! 

one man's garbage is another man's treasure

how true it is. someone abandoned this bike out in front of the shop. i asked kyle and kyle if either one of them wanted it. they said no and i said "sweet! i do". it is old and has a layer of crust, but there is some nice detailed work under there. thanks, whoever.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lube, dude

holy lube, batman! look at all of it. white lightning gave us some race support. they gave us tape to rope of parts of the course, tools to clean your drive train, banners, and lube. lots and lots of lube.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'll break out in pimples from a hot sweat

i fucking love jb.

ain't nothing goin on but the rent

no one can wear a plunging neckline like james. no one!

dealin quick and i don't miss a lick

i couldn't watch that last video and not hear the rest of the song.

give me some air, can't go nowhere

watch this

this is one of the best animations i have seen in a long time.

look at this

saw on tracko

Monday, November 16, 2009

Urban velo #16 in the house... literally, it's in my house.

that hub is not glowing. that is a sweet effect that i totally planned with my flash. no i didn't.

don't grind angry

here is atlin working out some personal bike problems. today seemed to be the day for it. i am sure i don't have to tell you, the reader, how much a bench grinder kicks ass, but in case i do...... it does.  a shit ton (that's 3.5 tons).

super duper!

yes, those reflect light. no, you are not tripping on LSD. yes, you can win them. no, you can't sleep on my couch.
holy shit, this shirt rules my face off of my face. crap, man! laek house has it dialed! you can see that i am excited through text with all of the exclamation points i am using!!!! see? those right there!!!!!  ow! 

Chris Akrigg Brakeless Pt. 1

Chris Akrigg Brakeless Part 1 from Jordan Robison on Vimeo.

saw this over at prolly.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

QuKa hats Blam Jam

quka cycling hats is one of our many fine sponsors for January's blam and they are going to make some backyard blam hats for prizes for all you gals and pals out there. thank you quka for bringing a little class to the blam. internet hi-five!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mr. Beaver, I presume?

while perusing through all hail the black market i stumble upon this little gem. hey, chevil. he likes to party.... a fucking lot. EVERYTIME i have seen/talked/hungout with him it seems as if this number he's doing right there in the picture is in his imminent future. take a look at that.... all liquid. no chunks. party on chevil.


this is mark pickett. he owns revolver bikes here in portland and is a stand up guy. this sweet picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, i think. stop in the shop and bother them on metal mondays. do it. it's the metal thing to do.

to navigate portland's dense traffic with

get skinny.

my hands are not huge by any stretch of the imagination, mind you. the handlebars are just that small. duder rode off into the sunset with his thumbs overlapping the stem. i am sorry if this is your bike, you see this, and get bummed out because you think i am ripping on you, but sometimes.......... sometimes size matters.

Atin, thinking inside the box

this is the ill na na, right here. boxes, not just for the ladies.

james is way cooler than me