Friday, December 3, 2010

Cross Crusade Party Pictures

I was really excited about last night at the Water Heater. Not only was it a party with all my friends, but they booked my favorite DJ in town, DJ Aquaman. He plays funk and soul every Friday at the Goodfoot and you can usually find me there throwing down my sweet moves. It was packed. The music was funky. We danced until we could dance no mo.

Slick Rick Potestio


Murph. Yes, THE Murph of Showers Pass. He gave me a piggy back ride.

Ethan and Sarah of Eddy Merkin. They are also on Team Relationship. They are the only Two on the team because they are not swingers.

Tony Kic, his special lady, Joe, and Lucy Fields (Rubin's Parents)

Crusade's sportsman of the year and Papa Rubin.

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