Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Chicago Kozy Krew

I recently got a bunch of my pictures off of my old computer and I took a trip down memory lane in the place it all started for me, Kozy's Cyclery. Ahhhhh....memories.

After the Bloods tagged the back door to the shop entrance I was a little miffed so when I painted it again I thought pink was the way to go. No Blood would tag pink, that was my logic anyway.

I hated touching bikes covered in salt. It's the worst feeling, almost like running your nails down a chalkboard.

Here's Bob, or Liquid Metal as we called him. He is a surly fellow who uses his genius for evil. Bless your heart.

My man from Belize, David. I worked very closely with him. We pretty much rapped freestyle most of the day through. "I'm flippin. I'm trippin. I'm double dippin." -David Yearwood.

Here's my man George Chase. Yes, as in Chase Bank. Even though his family owns a huge bank, he was slumming it with us "common folk" as he'd like to call us.

The boys decorated my bench for my birthday and then I just left it up the rest of the year.

James loves to dive into boxes.

Scotty too Hottie, Cathrine, and James

The Christmas window George and I put up.

Willy and I used to ride our bikes at a park near our apartments.


I collaged the top of my bench and then poured a heavy lacquer over it.


My Jamaican hero, Sherdon.

Lad the Impaler

Willy Nelson pre-SRAM.

I don't miss the Chicago winters one bit, but I sure as hell miss my Chicago Kozy's Krew. You guys are the best.
Nate, Geoff, and Tim... I didn't have any pictures of you. Bummer.

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