Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stand up van

Pictured below is a rare sight. It's Kyle V working on his own bike. That never happens. We were hanging out at the shop after hours until we got a call from JD seeing if we wanted to kick it. Damn yeah, we did.

Jeremy rolled up in the Rapha van and I about crapped pants. Ok, ok, I kind of crapped my pants. Trick to that is just shake it out of your pant leg.

Kyle struggle fitting so much awesome into such a small space. Jeremy mocks him.

He's no Ken Kesey, we're no Merry Pranksters, and we weren't tripping on acid, but other than that I felt like we were the Merry Pranksters tripping on acid with Ken Kesey.

Jeremy dropped me off for a bit to walk my dogs. Here we are running the 200m dash. After the run we all regrouped at KV's and went to Warrior's Way. By the look of the trailer you'd this movie is bad ass, right?

Wrong. You just saw all the fighting that's in the entire movie right there. The rest was about growing flowers in the sand with the circus.

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  1. i'm sad I didn't get to see Warriors Way....