Sunday, February 27, 2011

Circulus at PDW

I got an invite to go to Portland Design Works "Mother Ship" and help build Circulus. I slept all day, woke up at 5:30pm (don't judge me, it was my Sunday off) so most of it was already built when I got there. I wasn't much help other than making each and every room I entered just a little more awesome. It was a night of magic and wonder... of dreams and desires. I was honored to be a part of it.
This was one of the boards from Hole Shot.

D Pow

Mr. Light... getting low.

P Funk

Bowl hi five

J Pow


Edwin from Sprout Cycles.

Eric Olsen rippin.

Bamma and Ryan

What a hoot, right? Not only that, they also have a basket ball hoop that you can electronically move up and down... AND a ping pong table. A mini halp pipe, a bowl, and Circulus... Portland Design Works is ready to party.