Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Van off

Guess what, ya'll.... we've got a Sprinter van!!!! That's right, Park bought this sweet ride to make it awesome in 2011. As you already know, 21st Ave Bicycles is sister shops with Fat Tire Farm. They are Portland's mountain bike shop...ok.... THE mountain bike shop. Well, after the van gets wrapped (that's a technical term for logos and stuff) it will be ready to run shuttles to the trails and much, much more. Now that we have a HUGE van and Rapha has a huge van... I propose a van off. That's right, Rapha. We challenge you to a van off! While we are at it, we challenge Matt Slaven with the Continental van and Nick Gibson with the Shimano van. This is a call out, boys. Who has the sweetest shuttle in Portland? We'll find out.

The most handsome guy I know, Kato.

Yes, that is a t.v. and a sweet system.... no big deal.

My heroes, Park Chambers and Kyle Von Hoetzendorff.