Monday, June 6, 2011

Trusty Switchblade Trading Cards: Sundvor

I was going through a bunch of pictures of myself to send to our team captain, Jason, for our Trusty Switchblade trading cards. All the ones I picked our looked tough, but the resolution wasn't high enough. Jason had this picture of me kickin around (probably framed on his night stand) and asked me if I liked it. Although I try to look bad ass all of the time (hence the panther tattoo on my neck) the truth is... I am a super nice lady. I say please and thank you. I take my hat off at the dinner table. I open doors for people. I think manners is something that people have lost sight of and is going the way of the Dodo bird. Because of all this, I think for this card I will show you the nicer side of Sundvor, because honestly... I am nice. When we go out, I will make sure to tell you your hair looks nice and that I like your perfume. What's that? It's not perfume and you just smell like that? Wow, lucky me.

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