Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sorry for the silence..

It's been a busy weekend. John Prolly got into town on Thursday and he, Jeremy Dunn, Pete Rubi, and I all went out that night to get into some fun times and whiskey.

Bloggers blogging together...

Cole Maness crushing our shop's pinball.

KV and Prolly... those are the "not into the picture you're taking of me" eyebrowns

Then the next day we went to River City Bicycles for a pre Gentleman's Race party/video screening. I brought a shit ton of 21st stickers with me to sticker bomb the hell out of the party.

Tina Brubaker

Slate Olson

On Dave Roth's birthday cake.

.......then on Sunday I headed out of town to go swim in a river and hang out by a waterfall. Both of my bassets swam, even Nylynd, the blind one. After the the sun started to go down the crowd left all of us girls decided to go skinny dipping. This guy saw an opportunity to take his clothes off and he did. What a weekend. Sorry to leave you hanging.

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