Monday, August 8, 2011

XXI Ambassador

With the help of Trusty Switchblade, PDW, and the BTA, 21st Ave Bicycles is starting a commuter support team called the XXI Ambassador. It will be a group of 21 bike commuters who will stop and help you if you are having bike problems with no cost to you. We are taking applications to become an Ambassador up until Aug. 15th. Join us.

We are the 21 Ambassadors. We believe that riding a bicycle is more than just the sum of its parts. To ride a bicycle is to be part of a community, to share a common experience, as much as it is about good health and helping environment. This is a community that we love and support, a community that we all help to grow pedaling through the cold wet winter mornings, the long carefree summer nights and everything between. We believe that as a community we should support each other in bad times as well as good. We, the 21 Ambassadors are here to help you. When tires flat and spokes break, when chains fail and gears groan, when you need a hand we hope to be there to assist. We dream that your bike will always run flawlessly, that the world can be perfect, and yet, until all the stars align, we hope to help with what we know how to do, getting you and your bike back on the road.

The 21 Ambassadors are a commuter team brought together by their love of bicycling and their support for bicycling as a valuable means of transportation. 21 Ambassadors have been equipped with roadside bicycle repair training and a whole kit of tools and supplies to make repairs. There is no charge for their kindness, helping you back on the road is payment enough. If you see the bright (color) roll just give a shout, 21 Ambassadors would love to help.


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