Tuesday, August 12, 2014

John does the Best Coast

My pal John Watson of the Radavist (formerly ProllyisnotProbably) paid a visit to Portland recently to buy a pick-up truck and while in town he scooped me up at Chrome to eat some lunch.

Why is a dude who is so into bikes buying a truck? I believe the answer to your question lies within your question. He bought a truck so he can cart his pals and their bikes to some sweet MTB trails so they can shred until they just can't shred anymore. Even if he bought the truck just to pick up cases upon cases of beer and do donuts in parking lots, I'd be alright with that.

John was trying to come up with a name for his truck and since he was sticking with tradition and naming it a woman's name he settled on one of the toughest broads out there, Ripley.

Sure, she's a fictional character, but who gives a shit? It's a truck. Chill out.

We met up with Souphorse and Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles at some BBQ joint I'd never been to before. I was trying to make a healthy choice by ordering a salad, but when it showed up drenched in a quart of ranch I learned what so many people already know; BBQ restaurants aren't known for their salads. While everyone else talked bikes in between their delicious meal, I stared at my soupy salad hoping I could will it into something else. That something else didn't even have to be food. I would have been perfectly happy with a hacky sack or a nice set of shoelaces... anything really. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts, the bowl of ranch with lettuce in it remained. 
The last time I saw John we were in Minneapolis at the Shop Bike Shootout where I was using my humor and quick wit to announce the race. I was in a cast because I just had hand surgery 6 days prior. Not a minor surgery either. My prothetic knuckle from a previous accident was removed, bone was chiseled from my hip, and fused into my hand where the prothetic knuckle use to be. I am now no longer able to bend my finger, but I think it just adds to my charm.

Yup, there it is. I hear all of the time that babes love scars, but I only hear it from dudes. If that were truly the case, girls would be constantly macking on me because I have quite the collection from numerous surgeries. That's what happens when you are awesome like myself. Sometimes I get too awesome, fall over, and break bones. It's a tale as old as time. 

Crap, how did that get in there? Whatever, besides The Little Mermaid this was my favorite Disney movie so I'm going to let it ride. 

Check out the rest of John's photo set from his Portland trip HERE

EDIT: I just learned John decided against naming his truck Ripley and chose another character portrayed by the talented Sigourney Weaver, Dana Barret. 

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