Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Wolf's Mouth

You guys may remember Jake Tong from or you may remember him from Urban Velo's 'I Love Riding the City' back when they were still printing in black and white.
Or it's very likely that you remember him from your dreams because he's a dreamy SOB. Regardless, Mr. Tong has been overcoming adversity and healing from ACL and Meniscus surgery as of late. JTong is an unstoppable force of nature and he's not letting surgery get him down.
Look at him, still smokin' butts. Not that kind, weirdo. Cigarette butts, geez. Jake and I have a very exciting project coming that will blow minds of all kinds, but I don't want to spoil the surprise so instead of spilling the beans on what's about to come, I'll give you something else to look at. Papa Tong has a blog called The Wolf's Mouth that features his photography of 700c cycling. His photo set from PDW's  Omnium is up now. Go check it out and if you see him out there in the wild, crutching along, don't kick his crutches out from underneath him. Hasn't he suffered enough?

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