Monday, March 14, 2011

The Big Willy Desk Prank

I used to live in the great city of Chicago and while I was there I made some great friends, some who already worked at SRAM and some who now work there. When I first started out as a bike builder (assembler) at Kozy's, Willy was our head mechanic. He has since moved on up to SRAM. At Kozy's, we used to mess with each other all the time... hide each other's bikes, toolz, write pen15 all over work benches, ect, ect. I am pleased to see that the shenanigans haven't stopped because they are at SRAM.

The Big Willy Desk Prank
Riki vs. Willy

Desk pranks. Sometimes stupid. Sometimes over-the-top. Always fun. Turning everything on each other's desk upside down. Filling some one's shoes full of water balloons. Replacing a background on a desk top with a creepy guy from a take-out bag and an obscene saying. Little things.

Rather than do another small and only slightly funny prank, Riki Bloomquist, Geoff Przekop and Tucker Schwinn in SRAM Corporation's elite Dealer Service department, decided to take it three or four levels higher.

It took a week of planning and getting everything together including the heavy duty cardboard. The team gladly donated 5-hours on a Saturday to remove everything from Willy's desk, then disassemble and remove his desk and construct an entire cardboard house, complete with mail box, two windows, a front door with a $850 Zipp Vuma Quad crank as a door handle, a roof shingled with RockShox boxes and a DVD with the first clue of where to find all the stuff we removed and hid, masterfully laid out by Riki himself.
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