Monday, March 21, 2011

Sandy Ridge Spring Brakes: James Wilson

Here are James Wilson's pictures of the race on Sunday. I picked out some that I like a lot but I had to leave a bunch. It was hard to choose. There are so many good ones. To see all of them go HERE

Yes, we got up super early to get there. No, I do not get up that early usually. Yes, I was tired. So, tired, in fact that I almost drank some of the coffee pictured below. The only thing that stopped me is it had dairy in it. Bummer, I could have been jacked out of my mind. Oh, well. There's always next time.

I don't blame Kyle for putting the moves on Landon with the bike stand. The way Landon was dressed.... well, he was just asking for it.

Giving back rubs to OBRA officials is one of the many ways Kyle was able to help this race operate smoothly.

Petr Kakus (left) was the guy in charge of keeping time. It was the same kind of system used in some skiing downhill slalom races. Legit.
Time machine.

Big ups to the guys who were maintaining the trail as the race was in progress. You guys kill it!

My roommate, Landon L. Masterfield (the L is for Legend of the Falls), is so fast that even this high speed camera couldn't capture his image.

Tunisia shredding.

Dave Roth, yes THE Dave Roth from Van Halen. Never mind the fact that he looks like a completely different person. It's him and he loves cycling.

I forgot to bring a fork so I had to carbo load with my coffee stir sticks.

After the race we went to Calamity Jane's and ran into some friends.

Zach (above) and Kyle (below) are the two guys who organized the series. The first race was awesome. Everyone had such a rad time. I know I did.
Keep the dream alive, Kyle.

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