Thursday, April 7, 2011

Customer Solutions: vol.6 A friend's blunder

A good friend of 21st.... I am not going to name names, although he said I could use his initials...... D. D, rides a lot of bikes and he rides the shit out of them. They are always super hashed when he brings them into the shop and it always seems like we have one of his quiver of bikes in. Anyway, my hats off to him for this number. He didn't just put one in like this (all the way in), he went for both. When he was telling us about it he said he had the bike upside down and the pedals he had on there before were really difficult to get out. He said he was trying so hard to get them in that he broke a sweat.
Note: if you are breaking a sweat installing your pedals, stop. The right pedal is right threaded (righty tighty. lefty loosey.) and the left pedal is left threaded (lefty tighty. righty loosey.) If it isn't labeled left or right, look at the threads on the pedal. If the threads rise to the right, it's right threaded. If they rise to the left they are left threaded. Lean from D's mistake.


  1. Oh man, trashed Record cranks. Sucks.

  2. Should've taken the pedals' advice...