Monday, April 11, 2011

Pedal Nation

So... this weekend I agreed to model for a bike fashion show at Pedal Nation. I did a lot of the flexing of the muscles and yelled really loud hype phrases, like "give it up!" or "that's what I'm talkin bout!" Steve came with me the first day.

Here is Steve eating his shitty SOYJOY food bar. Why the hell would you make a soy protein bar and put butter and eggs in it?

Shawn and Graham from Ruckus Components kept me awake with their super strong coffee.

D Pow was a sickybear and Jen and I had a solid hang out session.
After the show we went to the PDW Mothership so I could work on Jen's bike before her race.

For the ride home we stuffed Dan in the back.

Day 2:

James came with me the second day. Here he is being stoked out of his mind on PDW.

This creepy guy kept trying to get kids to color at his booth. I kid. T Dawg is a solid dude and is fighting the good fight with the BTAI drew a BLAM picture for him.

Murph with his kill face.

Michael, of Showers Pass, with his age of innocence face.

This was the show I was in. As you can tell I take modeling super seriously.

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