Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jen Powell: Not about to buy new stuff

Jen Powell came into the shop after work because we had a hang out sesh planned where we were going to pay attention to her bike that she and Dan have been neglecting for quite some time. She raced an insanely muddy race and the someone "stole" their hose (Dan) so she couldn't wash her bike off. Dan got dropped off at the shop coming back from a baseball game in Seattle so it was a group effort. I feel like we spent an hour and a half just cleaning the bike. Anyhow, she is ready to shred.

Cooperation, working together. Cooperation, makes it happen.
This was my favorite Sesame Street song when I was younger. Now that I listened to it again, I hear some sweet disco influences. Could this be a song I heard at a young age and it had such an impact on me or is it some thing I was born with?
Elsa.... She is shy, but she will be your friend for high end duck treats.

Jen will take no prisoners. She will slay all who dare to cross her path. No words exchanged, just instant death. That's how metal she is. Words to the wise: step back.

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