Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Take a close look. What's wrong? No, this isn't new old stock and I am installing this dated bottom bracket for the first time. Nope, this was used and the customer brought it in complaining of a loud clicking noise when he pedaled. With that said you might be asking, "hey Amanda, if that is a used part that you pulled out of the bike..... where's the grease?" Good question. King Tut's remains probably has more lubrication than this bottom bracket (you know, from the oils they rub in for the mummification process). A lot of times, when people think it's the bottom bracket is making the clicking noise in their pedal stroke, it's usually something else, like their seat post or their chain ring bolts. Sound resonates through a bike and even though we think it may be coming from one place... it's usually another. One time, I took a bike completely apart to find that the noise everyone thought was coming from the bottom bracket was actually coming from the derailleur hanger. Not this time. I opened it up and found the Sahara Desert in this dude's BB shell. Word to the wise, if it is a moving part or is threaded... it's gonna need some lube or grease. With maintenance, your "vintage" parts will last longer. If you can hear a noise, the damage has already been done and then that's when you bring it into the shop for me to fix. On second thought, you should run your parts into the ground so you can bring it into me. I want to meet you. Then we can be friends and go to the movies.... here's the movie we should go to. Tell me when you are free and we'll make a night of it.

will you hold my hand during the scary parts?


  1. thanks, baby. you always know how to make me feel safe. especially when you are the big spoon.