Monday, November 7, 2011

CD's Cielo Fender job

The other day Chris DiStefano brought in his Cielo asking for me personally to put fenders on it. Seeing as how we live in Portland it is kind of essential. If he didn't this bike would sit in a garage while it rained for the next 7 months. The only problem is there were no eyelets to mount the fenders to and CD said it was to look clean. No zipties.

Ok, so there are these.... which are great and the name of them are very suggestive so you know I love to use them. My favorite part is telling a customer that I had to charge them for a reacharound.

This is what they look like in action. Since the clearance it tight, I had to chop the fender and install Reacharounds.

No eyelets to attach the struts to? No problem.

Again, I had to chop the front fender and I used a Problem Solver that attaches to the brake caliper and you can thread a 6mm bolt into the back. Super clean.

Here was the tricky part. How was I going to attach the part of the fender to the seat tube or the chain stays without using zipties or bulky clamp? I replaced the pinch bolt on the front derailleur with a longer one, drilled a hole in the fender, and attached the fender to the pinch bolt.

Ready to shred, rain or shine.


  1. That bike really does shred, too!
    (Trust me, I know...)

  2. Hi-larious! Thanks for the tip. I just bought a bike with only one set of eyelets, so I'm gonna have to figure our how to do a rear rack, folding baskets AND fenders for winter. Excellent stuff here.

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  4. what are you using for the eyelets here? did those come with the reacharounds?