Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Like what you see?

Why wouldn't you? Check out my can.... I mean, really..

Slate came into the shop and dropped off some Rapha gear for a show we were doing some work for and with said gear was a pair of Rapha jeans. I have been wanting some of these jeans since I saw Jeremy Dunn sporting them before they were available to me, the public and I told Slate that. He promptly asked my pant size and told me he had a pair with my name on it at the office. The next day he rolled into the shop in his kit looking like he was faking being pregnant, but it was really my jeans. I thought it was a weird Arnold Schwarzenegger "Nine Months" senario, but it wasn't, it was my jeans. Not only was I so stoked then... the level have not dropped at all since I have worn them and I have worn them a lot. Every time I wear them at least a couple people comment on how good they look where as in any other of my jeans no one has said a word.

Of course they look good. Rapha is sporting Sundvor. You're welcome.

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