Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cross Up at the Lumberyard: the beginning

I am really excited..... this morning the boys and I went to go tour The Lumberyard's, Portland's first indoor MTB park, new space. I got together with them a few months ago to plan an indoor supercross event that we would throw there before they opened the doors to the public. There was lull for a few months because they were still deciding on a space. It's official, they have a space and today we got to check it out. 50,000sq ft of awesome.

The future.

The present.

When we get in there The Lumberyard will be partially built out so we will be using some of the features for the event and some features will be built specifically for Cross Up.

I am not really an early bird, but I think I kind of pulled it together besides the bed head.


KV on his way to win his beard bet with Verg.

This is the basement. It will be a big empty space and we are going to try to get a sweet band for the after party. People are going to be fired up after the event and you know they are going to want to let loose with some jams.

Idea stuff.

We then met up outside to hash out the details.

This is Joe Prisel. He is on of the designers of Ray's MTB Park and is now on board with The Lumberyard as their park designer. Being as rad as he is, he is going to help us design our track for the event. With him on our side, we can't lose.

He shreds.....

We are shooting for late January to throw this face melting event. It's going to be the biggest, baddest BLAM yet. Get ready, we have begun.

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