Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Save some money.

Kyle posted this on our shop blog and I am reposting it.

The cold winds are blowing.

This time of year we see a drop off in people out riding your bike. Our repair work starts to slow down here at the shop, we end up doing a lot more organizing, counting and cleaning. That these things are important is with out a doubt, that they are something we would rather not be doing cannot be denied. As a bike mechanic a day that requires a brisk finger nail brushing at closing time is a good day. Do I disagree with the popular swing towards curtailing fall/winter/spring riding? Of course not, I am not immune to the dark disheartening nature of the fall, as such I have created a simple equation that works well in describing the majority of non-summer Portland riding.

+ Cold

In this regard the idiom, misery loves company, appears to fail in its generalization, although it can be said that when a frequent rider hangs up his/her helmet for the winter the joy derived from riding is replaced with a miserable flood and then we all have to deal with each other in buses, in the produce aisle, at the coat check. In which case it seems that the idiom does hold up, we have all become miserable and cloistered, unable to be out on our bikes.

Had enough of this pessimism?

Me too, so to help keep you on your bike and thereby keep you happy 21st Avenue Bicycles is offering amazing deals on winter bicycle service. Check out these deals.

Winter TUNE-Up Special.
Complete Overhaul, $100.

Tune Up, $45.

Single Speed Tune Up, $35.

Drive Train Clean, $20.

Winter Wheel Build Special, $25 labor per wheel.

We are here to support your winter ridding habit, in fact we aim to turn that habit into an addiction.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

We are tough enough.... let us fix your shit.

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  1. Good to know - I don't always love winter riding, but I have a folding bike now, so I'm hoping this year will be a little more tolerable. It will at least mean that I can take my bike on public transport with me when it gets really nasty out. So I can ride one way without feeling like I've *got* to ride home (or leave my bike far away).